The Answer Is On The Way

BGod has heardefore the age of computers and word processors, some of us actually used a pen or pencil to write on paper.  I often wrote lists, notes and reminders on note pads, and I was one who pressed hard when I wrote.  I remember writing down a name and address once, tearing off the page, but somehow losing it.  Desperately needing that address, I cried; I prayed; I hunted; I panicked, but to no avail.  Days later as I sat down at my desk, I picked up my note pad and noticed indentation that resembled writing.  With a pencil in hand, I began to lightly color over the words and there was the address appearing before my very eyes!  I had forgotten about it and moved on, but the address was there all the time.  It just not been revealed yet.

How often when we pray do we experience the same thing!   Life situations present themselves, and we need answers.  We cry!  We pray! We panic!  We wait!  Heaven seems to be deaf to our cries.   Yet from the moment we prayed, God prepared an answer.  He has not forgotten those things for which we have prayed.  He has not forgotten our pain.  He has not forgotten our sorrow.  He has not forgotten our loneliness.  He has not forgotten that the rent must be paid.  He has not forgotten that which concerns us.  God had it on the tablet of his heart the whole time, and just like the words on my note pad, His answer will appear.  He will reveal Himself.

Delay and timing don’t often make sense to us, but this I know – God’s character can be trusted.  Beloved child of God, He has heard your prayers, and the answer is on the way. Just think – this could be the day that it appears before your eyes.

“God will perfect everything that concerns you.” (Psalm 138:8, NKJV)

4 thoughts on “The Answer Is On The Way

  1. Love it! Yes, God does not forget. Everything truly is written on the tablet of His heart and He reveals it to our sight in His time and for His purpose.

  2. This is about the thrid time this has been said to me, once in a prophetic word during a Sunday morning message. I do believe he is trying to drive it deep in my spirit. Thanks!

  3. Miss Barbara, you have NO idea how timely, how much this spoke to me today. Thank you….God bless you!

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