Dish-Towel Lack

Psalm 37v25In our forty-three years of marriage and ministry, Gaylon and I have known lean times and fat times, and I am not talking about weight. Let’s not go there! We’ve had times when our budget was unbearably tight, and we have had to pray down divine supply.  I am not in the camp that buys things, and then asks God to make the payments just because I want something. Wanting and needing are not the same.  I do, however, confess and live by Philippians 4:19 which says, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

One time when things were a bit tight, I was spending money on no extras. My dish towels were so thread-bare that I could almost read a book through them.  I decided to go to a local store to purchase dish towels.  As I was perusing the kitchen supply section, I saw a set of three dish towels that matched my kitchen. They weren’t the cheapest ones, but I knew they would last longer.  I picked up a package of three, and a couple of other items, and proceeded to the checkout.  After ringing up my order, the clerk told me how much I owed. I knew it wasn’t enough, and as much as I wanted a good deal, I wasn’t going to be dishonest about it. I looked at the sales receipt, and said to the worker, “I think there is a mistake, because the dish towels rang up for only a penny.”  She said, “Well, I can’t do nothin’ about it because that’s how the computer rang it up.”  Not wanting to do the wrong thing, I requested to see the manager. The manager looked at the receipt and said, “It’s probably wrong but we can’t do anything about it.”  My response was, “So, if I go back and get all you have, I can get them for a penny.”  She said, “Yes, you can.”  The cashier said, “Ain’t that a blessing.”  I smiled, went back and bought all the dish towels they had for a nickel, and I had “no dish-towel lack” for years!

I could tell many stories like that of the dish towels. I love it when I look at my life and say, “Ain’t that a blessing.”  I have seen God’s hand move in our behalf over and over and over. As a matter of fact,  for years we used to have a large “Manna Jar.”  In that jar were things like toy tires, or a picture of a dentist’s chair, and other replicas that had a story of the provision of God.  We would use that to talk about the supply of God.  It was a testimony to ourselves and others that God shows up in life when we desperately need Him.  We even kept a Manna Jar at our church, so the generations would have a memorial to this incredible God that we serve.

After forty-six years of serving God, I’ve known good financial times and bad financial times, but like David, I can testify, “Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread.” Psalm 37:25.

“Ain’t that a blessing!”

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  1. Jim & I are in the lean times right now and have been experiencing God’s provision in many ways. Recently we had to discontinue one of Jim’s medications because it’s extremely expensive. Last week when ordering a different med we were billed $00. Called insurance company and learned Jim met his “out of pocket” expenses, therefore insurance covers 100% of medical expenses for the rest of the year!

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