Thank God For Delays

DealyMy husband was scheduled for a colonoscopy at 8:30 this morning. We arrived early and went to the place we thought his procedure was to be done. We were sent to another part of the hospital which was quite a walk. I will spare the details, but there was huge mix-up, and at 9:45 we were still waiting. As it turned out we should have stayed at the first office. By the time we got to the right place it was 10:00 and we were afraid they might not even be able to do it. Fortunately they were still able to take Gaylon.

I was a bit frustrated because I had a busy day ahead and that hour and a half was precious to me. Now, I was wondering if there was any way I could make my next appointment scheduled for 12:45.

Why, why, why?

As I sat in the waiting room of the hospital once Gaylon was taken back, I watched two older woman sitting beside each other laughing and enjoying each others’ company. They seemed like close friends. One of them even asked me were they too loud. I grinned and said, not at all. It was actually entertaining to watch the two white-haired, seventy-something year old friends.

I left the room to go meet with the doctor to get Gaylon’s results, which were great. Afterward I returned to the waiting room until my husband was officially discharged. About fifteen minutes later, one of the women went back to get her husband’s results. She hobbled past me walking with her cane, but took time to shoot me a huge grin. In about fifteen minutes she hobbled back by with tears streaming down her face and her countenance so downcast. She sat down by her friend and began to tell her the bad report that she had just received from the doctor concerning her husband. She wept, and her friend hugged her tightly for quite some time. They literally wiped each others’ tears.

My heart was gripped for this woman. She continued to cry for a while, as her friend patted her hand and tried to console her.

As I sat watching this woman, I felt like God said, “Pray for her.”  So, I began to pray for her. Then I felt God clarified what He meant, “Go over and pray for her.”  Lord, this is awkward.

Finally, I walked over and said, “Do you mind if I pray for you and your husband?” She said, “Please do!” After my time with them, I got their names and promised that she and her husband would be on my prayer list. Those two women were beyond grateful. Immediately after this divine encounter, my husband was ready to go home.

I did not like the delay I experienced. After all, I am a busy woman! Today I was reminded that the delays of life are often orchestrated by God. Without that delay, I would not have been in the waiting room at the same time as the grieving woman who needed a touch from God. Thank God for delays.

“God, forgive my grumbling when I am inconvenienced. I trust you with the delays of my life.”

The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. – Psalm 37:23 NLT

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  1. Thanks! God’s timing is certainly not always our timing!! How beautiful to be right where he needs us to be at the very time He needs us there! It’s really exciting and rewarding – oh, Lord help us to be more ok with allowing you to order our steps and timing in ‘our’ busy schedules! It causes us to pause and recognize His Greatness, His all-knowingness is ‘right on’!

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