Am I Just Being a Wise Guy?

youth-leave-it-to-beaver-wise-guyThe “three” wise men in scripture are often not given credit for anything but the gifts of worship they brought to Jesus. There is only one account of the Magi and that is in the gospel of Matthew. We are not told there were only three men, but we assume that because they offered three gifts.

How wise were these Magi?

First, they were wise to find their way to the Christ child and worship Him. They did not come to observe Jesus, stare at Jesus or make judgments of what they thought of Jesus. These men set out on a journey to find the living Lord and bow before Him in worship. They, by faith, accepted that He was Jesus the Christ, the Son of the God. With all the “wisdom” around us, the wisest thing one can ever do is to worship the Lord Jesus, and offer our gifts to Him.

Second, these men were wise to listen to God and take action based on what God communicated. God had provided a star so these fellows could find Jesus, and they took the time to follow the star. Later, God gave them a dream telling them to return home a different way.   Herod intended to interrogate them, so he could find Jesus and kill him.  The important thing is not how many sermons we hear or Bible studies we attend, but how much of that becomes action in our lives.   We might know a lot, but that in itself is not wisdom.  It’s a wise man or woman who listens to God for direction and quickly puts it into action.

As I reflect on these wise men, I have purposed in my heart that I want to be a wise woman. The Bible tells of many wise people:

  • There was Enoch and Noah who were wise enough to walk with God in their day while the world around them refused to live for God. Thus, they were both saved while others perished.
  • There was Ruth who was wise enough to say to her Jewish mother-in-law, “…for where you go, I will go; and where you live, I will live; Your people shall be my people, and your God my God.” – Ruth 1:16, while her sister-in-law turned around and went back to a sinful society. Thus, Ruth became an ancestor of Jesus.
  • There was Andrew who was wise because he brought people to Jesus. He that wins souls is wise.” Proverbs 11:30.
  • There was David, who was wise enough to say and understand, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”
  • There was Martha, who was wise enough to invite Jesus into her home.
  • There was Mary, who was wise enough to sit at the feet of Jesus and hear His word.
  • There was Peter who was wise enough to step out in faith towards Jesus, even though the storm around him was raging.
  • Then, there were the wise men, who came to worship the Lord Jesus and offer their gifts.

Am I some sort of wise guy? I hope so. I want heaven to record that Barbara Benton was wise. Why? She followed God and worshiped at His feet.

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