God Sometimes “Good Fridays” Our Lives

 Good Friday is the day we commemorate the day that Jesus laid down His life, finishing the course that God GoodFRidayhad set before Him. At the time His disciples did not fully understand what was happening. To them it seemed like “bad” Friday. Some were disillusioned, others were angry, some were afraid. We have the Bible to explain it to us, but they were living it in real time. It wasn’t until later down the line that they understood why it happened, and how God put it all together.

Such is life for us sometimes. When we are walking with God in real time, we don’t always understand what we are facing in the moment. He clearly brought this back to my memory recently. I was reminded of a disappointing event several years back. It just didn’t work out the way I thought, and my real time made little sense. Recently, events have unfolded that let me know that I was right in the center of His plan – not my plan, but HIS plan.  Thank God that He “Good Fridayed” my life at that point.

Some times God has to “Good Friday” in our lives.  He lets something die, or takes it down a path we did not anticipate. In those times it seems like “bad” Friday. God is at work and when we look back, often we see see that bad Friday was really Good Friday.

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