I Have Watched A Man Walk With God

GaylCan you look back over your life and point to an individual or individuals who profoundly impacted your Christian growth?

As I reflect on my forty-seven year walk with God, I can easily name people who greatly influenced my Christian “growth spurts.” I can name great women of the faith who created a thirst in me to know God, and to become a true woman of God. Those women discipled me, disciplined me, mentored me, taught me and encouraged me. More than anything, their lives influenced me.

In our house there will be a lot of celebrating over the next few days.  It’s Father’s Day, my husband’s birthday and our anniversary. As I approach Father’s Day weekend, I want to thank THE man who influenced my Christian growth. Gaylon Benton, my husband of forty-four years, is one of the greatest Christians on earth. He has actually influenced my life more than all of my female mentors.

Gaylon Benton is a kindhearted, loving man who walks with the utmost integrity. I love to watch him as he rejoices with those who rejoice, and weeps with those who weep. I listen to his voice crack as he talks about his children and grandchildren. I watch tears flow down his face as he talks of missing our son Bryan. I have watched as he is overcome with emotion when praying for those whose hearts and lives are broken. Gaylon loves and loves deeply.

Though Gaylon has never been a famous preacher gracing the covers of magazines, or one who has millions following his every word, he is a man like Enoch. The Bible said that Enoch was a man who walked with God.  I have been blessed to watch a man walk with God.

My life is forever changed because one man dared to walk a life submitted to God. As I have watched him love, care, worship, weep, preach and pray, it has called me to a life of integrity before God.

Thank you, Gaylon Benton!  As the lyrics of a great song say, “Thank you for giving to the Lord.  I was a life that was changed.”

Do you have a male or female of great influence in your life? Now’s a good time to thank God for them, and even to thank them. Are you a person who is an influence for God?  As you faithfully walk with God, you can have an enormous effect for His kingdom.

I want to be an influencer for God. May it be said of me, “Like Enoch, she walked with God.”

“Enoch walked faithfully with God.” – Genesis 5:24

6 thoughts on “I Have Watched A Man Walk With God

  1. Agree with you, Gaylon is a great man of faith and integrity. He has been a blessing to our family many times over and we are blessed to call him friend! Much love, Sue & Wayne

  2. I accepted Christ as a young teen but when left home, I went my own way until one day that hunger for His peace drove me to a small church in Beaufort, SC, where I met the two of you. I had been to that church once before while stationed there earlier and swore I would never go back there. When I did finally go back, after several years, I met the two of you. If it had not been your love and passion, I’m not at all sure I would be where I am today. Gaylon and Barbara Benton had a tremendous influence on my life and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you!!

  3. Beautiful!! Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day to Gaylon…and a very Happy Anniversary to you both! Thank you for sharing this special post….and it sounds like both you and your husband are like Enoch! God bless you and yours! Mia Callahan

  4. Gaylon changed my mind about the concept of religion in the workplace. He truly cares and is a genuine christian. I treasure his voice on my phone when I have been troubled.

  5. Giving credit where credit is do….I thank GOD daily for my super DAD…at age 92 he is still the greatest earthly influence in my life…I’ve never had a moment when I loved him more than today…he always, always, always put GOD first and in his quiet, assuring ways everyone learned of his infectious faith in his living Savior
    …his legacy will live on in the hearts of his friend and family forever. Happy Father’s Day [every day]…I love you, Daddy.

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