“I Got You, Baby!”

Joseph hangs out at our house at least once per week.  He and his brother Andrew, take turns spending the night, and being spoiled at Papa and Grammy’s house.   

Five-year old Joseph continues to amaze us as we watch him press through difficulty.  Autism makes things a little more difficult for this little guy, but what a champion he is.  One of the things we have all done, is stand right by Joseph’s side, as he tries new things.  Many, many times we have said, “I got you, baby. You can do it.  I got you, baby.” 

As Joseph was with the occupational therapist recently, she had him try a new thing in the gym.  He was to walk a circular, slightly elevated “plank” on the floor; the object was to not fall off.  Occasionally, he’d almost lose balance, but he’d steady himself and say, “I got you, baby.”   The OT chuckled and said, “This boy has been taught that somebody has him.” 

Joseph steadied himself and confessed, “I got you, baby!”

In short time, Joseph totally mastered the walk.  He could have fought against the walk required of him, but instead he trusted. He had learned that when the path gets a bit tricky, someone is standing there to catch him.  He declared what he knew, “I got you, baby.”  When it seemed he would fall, he steadied himself and continued the walk.  “I got you, baby.” It was his assurance that no matter how scary it felt, he was not alone.

My mind immediately thought of walking the plank of life.  There are times, that it seems impossible not to fall off; but, as a child of God, I hear my Father say, “I got you, baby.”  I steady myself and remember His words.

The circle of life presents challenges.  As believers, we sometimes need to stop, steady ourselves, and remember we are not alone. God has us.  “Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.”  Deuteronomy 31:8

Perhaps today you find yourself in a place that seems a bit shaky.  Maybe you have health issues, family  issues, work issues or financial issues.  Maybe God has been asking you to take a leap into deeper faith, or to serve beyond what you think you are capable. Or, He’s asked you to lead, and you’ve always followed.   Stop, steady yourself, and remember that your heavenly Father is saying, “I got you, baby.”

When life pushes you to the edge, trust God fully.  He will catch you when you fall, or He will teach you how to fly. Either way, God’s got you, baby!

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