Faith To See Yourself Through God’s Eyes

While visiting a friend in Florida, we went on a little shopping spree.  I love to shop with people, if it’s people with whom I love to shop.  (You know what I mean!)

My friend wanted a new television for her bedroom, so after much searching and researching, we found the right television at a good price.   The television was loaded into her car, and off we went, ready to set it up immediately.  Being single, my friend has learned a lot about setting up electronics correctly.  I’d be lost!

Once the new flat screen was ready, she wanted to know how it looked.  I stretched back on the bed, reclined against the pillows and looked at the television.  I hated to tell her, but the screen was terribly blurry. 

After telling her how blurry the screen was, she redid the cables and we gave it another try.  After three times of this, it was disheartening. Alas, she had a bad television!

I sat up to help her get the box, so we could take the television back to the store.  I looked at the screen one more time, and it was crystal clear.  Then, I realized, while reclining on the pillows, I was looking at the television through the bottom of my bifocals. That  part is for magnifying the letters so I can read.  It is definitely not good for media use!

There was no problem with the television.  The problem was I needed a correct focus.

In talking with many people, I find they are so hard on themselves.  Raise your hand if that is you!  (I am raising both hands, one leg and one broken leg!) 

Too often we see with blurred distortions. Remember this:  What I see is not always the same as what actually is. 

Emotions are such a wonderful part of life, but emotions are not always accurate.  There are days that our vision tells us that we are worthless, ugly, useless, less-than, a failure, unwanted and a host of other things.  Our emotions might tell us those things and even more; but that doesn’t mean it’s so.  Emotions can cloud our view of the accuracy of what God says.

Too often our spiritual eyes are blinded by what others say about us or do to us.  If we are not careful we will hoard hurtful comments, and feast on them day after day.  We will watch television and think that is what life and love are really like.  As we view social media, we will think, somehow we missed the boat!   

We must have the vision of God, and that only comes through His word.  He speaks truth.  I want to live by His words and dwell on them alone – “How precious to me are your thoughts, O God” (Psalm 139:17). 

Today, change the focus.  Get a clear vision of what God says about you. That is truth.   Adjust your spiritual glasses and see clearly.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  It’s time to believe that. Have faith to see yourself through God’s eyes.

“Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.” Matthew 10:31 


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