Does Time Really Heal All Wounds?

Time heals all wounds, we are told, but that is not totally true.   What we do with time determines the healing process.

On the left is a picture of my air boot on the first day I was fitted.  The picture on the right is the boot three weeks later.  Notice that when I first put the boot on, I could not pull the strap very far across my foot.  There was still so much swelling and pain in the foot.   On the right, three weeks later the strap is well over an inch tighter.  It’s amazing what can happen over time.

I was given clear instructions of how to continue to promote healing, and to begin to walk again.   There have been days I have wanted to do anything but go to therapy, exercise my foot and ankle, or practice walking on one crutch.  But, I want healing; therefore I use my time to walk towards healing.  I go through the pain of pushing through the parts of therapy that hurt, some of which almost bring me to tears.   

As times continues to tick, I expect total healing, because of what I am doing with my time.

Where are you wounded?  Was it from childhood abuse?  Church hurt?  Rejection from a spouse or friend?  Food addiction? Grief?  There is healing, but we must remember that healing is a process, not an event. 

If we continue to walk out healing, healing will come.  I don’t know why God doesn’t heal all our hurts,  or for that matter, stop them from even occurring.  But, this I know about my God: He is a healer.   Trust the process.  Use your time to walk towards healing, not to stay stuck.

Remember, healing is a process, not an event. 

2 thoughts on “Does Time Really Heal All Wounds?

  1. Thanks. Really needed this reminder TODAY! Sometimes the process gets long and hard but I pray God will provide the strength to help me continue to “walk” to my healing! Thanks for your willingness to speak God’s good message.

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