Truth Is Still Truth

As the times change, and what is permitted on television changes, I watch less and less.  I do have a few shows that I record and watch, so I can avoid commercials.  Not only do I not care about the commercials, they often have content I don’t care to put in to my mind’s eye. 

I do like a good court show. It fascinates me to watch the judge get to the truth of the matter.  The judge sits and listens to two people telling very different stories, and I watch as she asks questions, eventually painting one of them into a corner.  Eventually, either the plaintiff or the defendant has no real truth to back up what they are saying.  

Often during the case, one side will begin to repeatedly yell the same statement over and over, a statement that is not true.  Many times it is the written word, text or email, that shows the real truth.  The written word trumps what is being said.  

Finally, the judge will say, “Just because you repeat it over and over, doesn’t make it true.”

That is kind of where I am today, as I see what is unfolding in our society.  Untrue statements have been repeated so many times, that they are now repeated as truth.  One arena in which this is so true is the arena of sexual issues.  While I am not going to list and dissect every sexual issue that is in the news today, without hesitation I say, “Just because you repeat something over and over does not make it true.” 

I challenge God’s people to educate themselves, as to what God’s word says about sexual matters.  It is very clear, and I find little to no ambiguity.   Notice that I said God’s people.  I can’t make someone live a life based on the truth of the Word of God.   Yelling scripture at people doesn’t change them.   But, God’s people are responsible to know the truth of what God says.

We must be careful that we not let emotions change what the word of God says.  We all have friends and family that are on the “other” side of issues.  We should love them no less, and we should treat them with kindness.   That should not and will not change what the word of God says on these matters.  Truth is still truth, even if unpopular.  The written word trumps what is being said.

“Just because you repeat it over and over, doesn’t make it true.”

Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you.” – Psalm 25:5

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