Good Friday? Really?

300158_180911218724041_1500398596_nGood Friday … that’s what we call it.  However, I seriously doubt that the first followers of Jesus would have called it good.  They would have called it bad, very bad.  Let’s remember that you and I have the Bible to show us how the story ends, but the original followers really did not comprehend what was happening.   They had followed Jesus for three years with such hope about what the future would hold for them, the things Jesus would do.  On that Friday over 2000 years ago, their hopes were dashed and their dreams were were laid in a tomb.  For them, that Friday was a tough and discouraging day.

Perhaps you are facing a bad Friday on this Good Friday.  You might be facing illness or joblessness.   Maybe you feel defeated or you are experiencing heartbreak, grief, rejection or disappointment on this Good Friday.   Your head knows it is Good Friday but your heart wants to scream, “It’s really bad Friday in my life!”    That is what the disciples felt on that first Good Friday – they felt darkness and sorrow.

Why did they feel darkness and sorrow?    It is because they did not realize that Sunday was coming!   It wasn’t over yet.  God would take the worst day in history and cause it to become the best day in history.

There are times when the candle of life seems to have been blown out, but God will cause it to shine again.  God will have the last word and He will often shock us by taking the worst day in our lives and using it as a turning point to bring us new life.  Your life is not over.   God has plans for a future and a hope for you.   How do I know this?  Because it’s Friday, but Easter is coming!